The Tailor Management Software System using PHP MySQL is a complete Source Code for all tailors and fashion designers. It can helps to manage all the sales order, like measurement, income, expenses, income, customers, so you can keep things organized and detailed report of your fashion, while you can concentrate on the other important. It allows you to check as print the receipts for them.
** Features **
  1. Every Device work (Fully and very Responsive Design).
  2. Manage Order with Receipts.
  3. Information Customers
  4. Measurement Customer Collection
  5. Sending SMS message to Customers.
  6. Management Staff (Salary, Designation, Bonus)
  7. Management Income and Types (All other Sources of Income).
  8. Management Expense and other Category.
  9. Management Office Document (Storage and Scanning).
  10. Graphs and Reports.
** Tailor Software Dashboard**
Admin Changes Password
** Calendar **
Search, Add Event, Month, Weekly,
** Add Order **
Select Customer, Description, Date Received, Received By, Amount, Paid, Date Collect.
** View/Edit Orders **
Order, Customer, Description, Date Received, Amount, Balance
** Add Customer **
Full Name, Address, Phone Number, City, Email, Comment, Sex.
** View/Edit Customer **
Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Sex.
** Sent Messages
Number of Customer, Message, Date,
** Sent Emails **
Customer, Message, Date,
** Staff Management **
Add Expenses, View/Edit Expenses, Add Expense Category, View/Edit Expenses Category.
** Expense Management **
Add Expenses, Category Expenses
** Income Management **
Add Income, View/Edit Income, Add Income Category, View/Edit Income Category.
** Measurement Settings **
Add Cloth Type, View/Edit Cloth Type, Set Measurement Parts.
** General Settings **
SETTING:  Company Name, Mobile Number, Email, Currency Symbol, SMS API.

Tailor Management Software
Name of Project:     Tailor Management Software
Language Used:      PHP
Database Used:      My SQL
Design Interface:    Bootstrap JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, JQuery,
Browser:                  Opera Mozilla Google Chrome IE8,
Software:                 WAMP/ XAMPP/ LAMP/MAMP
About System
How to setup this project
Step 1st. Download xampp
Step 2nd. Text editor notepad++ or Sublime
Step 3rd. Download the zip file/ Download winrar
Step 4th. Extract the file and copy “tailor” folder
Step 5th. Paste inside root directory/ where you install xampp local disk C: drive D: drive E: paste: for xampp/htdocs,
Step 6th. Open PHPMyAdmin http://localhost/phpmyadmin
Step 7th. Create database name tailor
Step 8th. Import tailor.sql file given inside the zip package in SQL file folder
Step 9th. Run the script http://localhost/tailor
Step 10th. Password: username: admin/ Password: admin