What is the difference between the iPhone 14 and the Pro versions?



You are a die-hard fan of iOS smartphone models and like to stay trendy all the time. However, your heart swings between the latest premium mobiles released by the Apple brand, in this case the iPhone 14 and the Pro models. Although these models seem to be similar at first glance, they are quite different from each other, especially if we look at their technical sheet. To help you decide better, we have offered a comparison that will allow you to know all the differences between the iPhone 14 and the Pro versions.

iPhone 14 Vs iPhone 14 Pro: what unites them

difference between iPhone 14 and Pro versions

As we said earlier, at first glance, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models have similarities. First, they are all designed by Apple. Their difference isonly found at the data sheet level and not at the design and functionality level. Thus, we notice that the two models have an identical format:

  • a 6.1-inch slab on the front;
  • a microphone and a stereo speaker placed on the lower edge towards the charging socket;
  • the buttons are located on the side;
  • a photo sensor with flash is placed on the back of the device;
  • the Apple brand logo is also placed in the middle of the chassis.

We find under the hood, 5G connectivity, ultra-fast Wi-Fi and the latest generation of Bluetooth . For safety, the models feature a TrueDepth sensor with Gorilla Glass for screen protection against hard knocks and scratches. When it comes to water resistance, these models are identical, as they can both stay underwater at almost 6 meters depth for about 30 min. Likewise, the iPhone 14 and Pro versions use the same operating system: iOS 16.

iPhone 14 Vs iPhone 14 Pro: what makes them different

iPhone 14 Vs iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 differs from the Pro versions only in terms of the technical sheet and that's what we're going to see here.

iPhone 14 VS Pro versions: performance

The iPhone 14 Pro versions feature an A16 Bionic processor while the iPhone 14s feature a regular processor with an A15 Bionic chip. Here, the power difference is only 9% in single-core. That's why you won't notice anything when doing simple, basic tasks like writing emails and office automation.

However, when it comes to complex activities like video editing or gaming, the Pro versions can take over. You just have to remember that the A16 Bionic chip of the Pro and A15 Bionic versions of the simple iPhone 14 have the same number of GPU cores: 5. Thus, it will be difficult to give the Pro versions an advantage in terms of performance.

iPhone 14 VS Pro versions: camera comparison

Looking at the back of the Pro versions of iPhone 14, you immediately notice a difference in the photo sensor. Indeed, these versions have three lenses while the iPhone 14 models only have two. The objective that is missing here is the one thanks to which we can take very close shots. The Pro versions are also equipped with a LiDAR radar that can measure distances well for portrait mode and for augmented reality. Likewise, the zoom of the Pro versions is much better than that of the simple iPhone 14. Anyone who has used the Pro versions will agree that the rear photo block is incomparable to that of the simple 14 model.

iPhone 14 vs Pro versions: screens

Let's start by saying that unlike the iPhone 14 model, the screen of the Pro versions is equipped with an adaptive frame rate which allows it to shoot around 120 frames per second. With this advantage, the Pro versions consume less energy when reading plain text. However, when you are watching a movie or playing a game, you will certainly have better graphics, but the device (Pro versions) will consume more energy. This is a point to consider if you like to indulge in the seventh art or gaming on the go. However, and to preserve your iPhone screen, do not forget to protect your Smartphone with screen protectors and phone cases for iPhone 14 .

Likewise, it should be noted that the Pro versions have a brighter panel and the “Always-on screen” technology . This technology makes it possible to have a display that is always present on the screen, even if it is on standby. This feature is not present on the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 vs Pro versions: autonomy

The Pro versions have a ProMotion screen and this is a major advantage in terms of battery life. Thanks to this type of screen, the device can hold the charge in video for 23 hours (video playback) and 20 hours in video streaming. However, the iPhone 14 can only last 16 hours in streaming and 20 hours in video playback. Nevertheless, in audio playback, the iPhone 14 is ahead of the Pro versions. It offers an autonomy of 80 hours against 75 hours for the Pro versions.

iPhone 14 vs Pro versions: the design

Regarding the format, there are some differences between the Pro versions and the iPhone 14. Indeed, the Pro versions are a little heavier (206 g) than the iPhone 14 (172 g). The Pro versions have a stainless steel casing while the single iPhone 14s have an aluminum body. In terms of dimensions, the two models are almost identical.

Similarly, the front of the Pro versions is different from that of the iPhone 14 since they have a Face ID notch while the other integrates its captures into the Dynamic Island. There is also a color difference depending on the versions chosen: Gold, Silver, Intense Violet and Space Black for the Pro versions or Blue, Midnight, Blue, Starlight, Mauve for the iPhones 14.

Simple iPhone 14 vs Pro versions: price difference

As always, there is a real price difference between the standard models and the Pro versions. Except here you won't find a simple iPhone 14 for less than €1,000. Note that the price varies according to the storage capacity chosen. Thus, for a capacity of:

  • 128 GB: you have to pay €1,019 for an iPhone 14 and €1,329 for an iPhone Plus;
  • 256 GB: €1,149 for iPhone 14 and €1,459 for iPhone 14 Plus;
  • 512 GB: €1,409 for iPhone 14 and €1,719 for an iPhone 14 Pro;
  • 1 TB: €1,979 for iPhone 14 Pro, because the simple iPhone 14 is not available with such a capacity.

Here is the essentials for you to know about the standard iPhone 14 models and the Pro versions. You are now in a position to make a wise choice. So it's up to you.


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