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control a computer remotely

A lot of times, controlling your PC remotely is very interesting. Technicians, for example, use this solution so as not to have to travel to repair a customer's computer. On the internal side, having access to a colleague's computer helps enormously to save time. But specialists are not the only ones to appreciate this type of technique. In many cases, it can be handy to control a friend's computer to troubleshoot or provide help. Lazy people will love being able to turn off their computer by simply using their smartphone or tablet! We have therefore chosen six services for you that will allow you to control a computer remotely.


AnyDesk, the ideal tool for controlling a computer remotely



AnyDesk is one of the most powerful services for controlling a computer remotely. You will even have the possibility of cooperating, and carrying out group work on a remote computer (using 2 cursors). AnyDesk is a program that allows you to control a PC remotely. Provided only in beta version (but perfectly practical), AnyDesk is currently free. The final version will remain free for personal use but companies will have to pay to benefit from the advantages offered by AnyDesk.


Supremo Remote Desktop, the ideal alternative to TeamViewer

Supremo Remote Desktop remote control software

Supremo Remote Desktop is a truly free remote desktop control solution. It allows access to a remote PC and even to connect and join a discussion in a matter of seconds. With Supremo Remote Desktop, you can maintain remote control of multiple computers and servers from your device. You too can configure and save your data securely even when you are travelling.

Supremo Remote Desktop comes with a very intuitive interface. It is very easy to use and is very handy as a tool. Its installation is very easy and does not require any particular configuration.


Chrome Remote Desktop, to control a remote computer easily

Chrome Remote Desktop

To help you control your PC remotely, Google offers its own solution. With Chrome Remote Desktop , you don't have to install any software on your computer. Although, an extension is essential for Google Chrome, for the device you are using as well as for the PC you want to control remotely. To control the computer, you can set a password in advance or just enter the temporary passcode automatically generated by the remote PC. Note that Google Chrome Desktop is completely free.

When you work in a team, Remote Desktop allows you to automatically centralize all your connection data on a single medium so that you can share them with the whole team. It is a very efficient and secure tool. There are also versions for smartphones and tablets.


TeamViewer, the best known software to control a computer remotely



TeamViewer , is a third option if you didn't like Google Chrome Desktop and AnyDesk. It is also one of the best known and most successful tools. Nevertheless, the TeamViewer software requires installation on all devices you intend to use.

With Team Viewer, you can share and access the screens of your devices remotely. You can also transfer or move files from one computer to another. This tool also gives you the ability to securely transfer and share media files. With Team Viewer, configure your remote computers securely without having to travel. It is a powerful and very secure tool. It is available in smartphone and tablet versions.

As AnyDesk is perfectly free, for private use. To use a computer remotely, you can enter an access code or control directly from the computers defined in advance. Last note: TeamViewer's OS and Android apps are available for free, so you can also control your computer from your smartphone .


VNC Connect, the preferred solution for professionals 



Available free of charge, VNC Connect is one of the most popular remote control software used by professionals. The tool is much easier to configure than TeamViewer and quite capable. On the display side, the user can manually adjust the quality of the resolution, even if the screen adjusts automatically.

VNC Connect gives you the ability to turn your computer into a remote desktop. Just connect using a VNC viewer program. You will then provide information about your identification account and you will see all your remote computers appear. You will then only need to select one of them to share the screen.

VNC Connect is composed of two essential tools,  VNC Viewer which represents the client and allows access to the remote machine and VNC Server  to be placed on this same machine. A customizable identifier allows you to make the connection between the two.


Microsoft Remote Desktop, a simple tool to control a machine remotely

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a tool that allows you to freely and securely control your PC remotely and from a smartphone or tablet. With Microsoft Remote Desktop, access remote Windows computers, also access all remote resources provided by your IT operator, connect remotely anywhere and safely.

Microsoft Remote Desktop also allows you to watch your videos and music in high definition and streaming from your smartphone, computer or tablet. It is a simple, practical and widely used tool.


NoMachine, the perfect tool to control a smartphone remotely

control a smartphone remotely

Nomachine is a cross-platform software to control a computer or smartphone remotely. It allows its user to connect to different remote machines securely using SSH and quite fluid using the proprietary NX protocol.

NoMachine is available on Linux, iOS, Android and Mac OS, it is a free, simple and very practical solution. It also gives the possibility to define the display quality according to the type of connection and to easily manage the permissions. Basically, a powerful and complete tool with a clean and simple to use interface.


UltraVNC, a delicate but powerful tool

UltraVNC free remote control software

UltraVNC is a very powerful remote computer control software. Access with UltraVNC to any computer, smartphone or tablet remotely even when you are in traffic or traveling. This tool allows you a simple, practical, efficient and secure remote control. With UltraVNC:

  • you can share and access the screens of your devices remotely
  • you can also transfer or move files from one computer to another;
  • you can securely transfer and share media files and even chat with the remote user if you want.

With UltraVNC, configure your remote computers securely without having to travel. It is a powerful and very secure tool.


Ammyy Admin, for easy desktop sharing

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a tool that allows you to have direct access to the desktop and the interface of a remote computer. You can easily access your computer remotely wherever you are and whenever you want thanks to your internet connection. With Ammy Admin, you can backup, manage and configure all your passwords and logins as well as your entire database with confidence.

When you are in business, Ammyy Admin allows you to automatically centralize all your connection data on a single medium in order to be able to share them with your collaborators. With Ammyy Admin your employees will also be able to easily work away from their offices and produce the same results as if they were there. You can also easily monitor their activities securely. It is a very efficient and secure tool.


Radmin Viewer, a solution for working remotely

Radmin Viewer best remote control software

Radmin Viewer is a tool that allows you to freely and securely control a remote computer and be able to perform tasks safely. With Radmin Viewer, access remote Windows computers, also access all your data, connect remotely anywhere and easily.

Radmin Viewer also allows you to transfer files from one computer to another , chat with remote users and even control the connection of several computers at once. It is a simple, practical and very effective tool.


CrossLoop, your choice to get started with remote control

CrossLoop, your choice to get started with remote control

Based on the same VNC technology,  CrossLoop  allows you to share the screen, take control of Mac or Windows devices remotely and transfer all kinds of data. Simple, its use requires the installation of software on both devices, but access will only be possible after the approval of the user of the machine to be controlled. He has the option of limiting his authorization to simple screen sharing or allowing remote control. The program also allows a remarkable thing: reverse the roles in one click.

However, CrossLoop remains a simple software since it is not so developed as TeamViewer or Anydesk. Establishing the connection between the two machines takes a little longer and keyboard shortcuts are not available. It is a perfect tool for novice users.


Remmina, for Linux users

Remmina control a computer remotely

Remmina is one of the best tools for controlling a remote computer or server from Linux. This software is totally free and easy to install. It has a simple and very intuitive interface. You will have no trouble using it. It is a software compatible with many protocols such as:

  • RDP to take control of another computer remotely;
  • STFP to perform secure file transfers;
  • SPICE protocols;
  • VNCI protocols;
  • VNC protocols;
  • SSH protocols.

The Remmina software allows you to take remote control of many machines under the Android, Linux, Windows, Windows Server or macOS system. It also has many tools allowing it to adjust the resolution of the computer under remote control to the size of the window, to send the command "Ctrl + Alt + Del" and also allows to put the window in full screen .


DWService, a web browser is enough

DWService control a pc remotely

DWService is an excellent tool for taking remote control of one or more machines. Unlike other tools, DWService does not require any prior installation before using it. Indeed, to take control of another device remotely under Linux, Windows, macOS or other devices such as Wandboard, Raspberry Pi and Pine64, all you need to do is create a user account on the publisher's website. It is in clear terms a tool for taking control from the web browser.

This solution is most often used to troubleshoot or maintain another device remotely. With this solution, you can transfer files from one device to another, take control of the remote machine's keyboard and mouse. It also offers the possibility to turn off or restart the device under control. It offers its users a simple interface in French. This tool can be used from any machine.  


LogMein, access your computer at any time

LogMeIn software to control a pc remotely

LogMein is one of the best alternatives to the TeamViewer remote computer takeover app. Like the latter, LogMein allows you to take control of a machine from macOS or Windows as well as devices under the iOS or Android system. With this tool, users also have the possibility to share all types of files from one device to another and in a secure way. Its interface is completely in French and therefore allows easy handling. The only drawback of this tool is that it is no longer free since January 21, 2014. It does, however, have a 14-day trial period.


Iperius Remote, controlling a pc remotely has never been so easy

Iperius Remote

Here is one of the best tools to control a pc remotely very suitable for neophytes. It is a tool that requires no installation or prior configuration before using it. Available in Windows, iOS and Android, Iperius Remote allows you to connect to another machine remotely. Similarly, the user also has the option of performing file transfers between remotely connected devices.


Remote Utilities, a PC control software dedicated to professionals

Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is the perfect remote device control tool entirely dedicated to professionals. It is a software to control a remote pc and other Windows servers. To achieve this, the software uses two of its tools, namely Host, which must be installed and configured on the machines you want to take control of, and the Viewer tool, which must be installed on the main machine. .

Similarly, it should be noted that this software also has many other advanced features such as two-factor authentication , RDP session management and Active Directory support which simplifies navigation within the local network. With Remote Utilities, the user can also access the task manager of the other device, can perform file transfers between the two connected devices.


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