Freelance Websites: Top 6 Best Platforms to Find a Job Online


 best freelance websites

Are you a freelancer looking for new contracts? Or are you an entrepreneur looking for labor to carry out the missions for you or simply to subcontract your missions? In this case you must register on a good platform capable of putting you in contact with the best customers or the best service providers. In this article, we have compiled a list for you of the top 6 freelance sites you can sign up for. Follow us instead.

1- Fiverr


Fiverr is a reference in the world in terms of connecting web providers with customers. Indeed, this American platform welcomes several thousand freelancers from all over the world. We recommend it if you are looking for labor. The particularity with this platform is that the minimum rate applied is 5 dollars. This rate gives you access to an impressive number of services. It plays the role of intermediary between the service provider and the client.

Here, the payment of a service order is triggered once the work is delivered and validated by the customer. Fiverr acts as a trusted third party between the two individuals. The customer takes no risk in placing orders on this platform. It should also be noted that service providers receive assessments (ratings) after each service rendered. It is a way of allowing customers to sort and select the best service providers.

2- Upwork

online freelance upwork

Upwork is one of the best freelance platforms that allows clients to outsource their various tasks for the long term. It connects several million service providers capable of carrying out missions over time. There are all kinds of freelancers such as web or mobile developers, editors, web, translators, transcriptionists, virtual assistants to name a few. Unlike Fiverr, Upwork allows clients to post their job online while making a description of said mission. In return, the latter obtain applications from service providers who have the skills and abilities to carry out the mission. A choice of the best service provider can be made according to the criteria that the client has drawn up.

In addition, this platform has an integrated messaging system to facilitate interviews. Once the right profile has been selected, a collaborative space is available to exchange and discuss instantly. For service providers, the platform applies 5 or even 20% as commission fees. However, it should be noted that the more the service provider works with a client, the less commission he will pay. A rating system is also available on this platform. This allows customers to rate the provider after receiving the order. For the service provider, this allows him to gain visibility.

3- 5euros


5euros is the French version of the platform. It is a general purpose microservices platform. It allows freelancers to offer their service to customers who in turn contact them if they are interested. The minimum price for a service is 5 euros, as its name suggests. The service provider also has the possibility of raising his price according to his experience and the type of assignments. There are a lot of services there. However, to secure both parties and especially the client, the money for the mission is only paid to the service provider if the client is satisfied with the work done.


Freelance mission freelance is a general site for connecting freelance service providers with clients. This site receives all types of freelance profiles. During registration, the service provider specifies their skills, previous experiences, social networks and contact details. Once the profile is approved by the platform, the service provider will have to wait for a client to be interested in his profile to hire him for a mission.

5- PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour online service delivery site

PeoplePerHour is a platform that is home to over a million freelancers worldwide. It offers four different formulas: the formula which allows you to find a particular service at a fixed price, the formula which allows you to contact freelancers directly, the formula which allows the client to apply for his offer himself, and the formula which allows the client to launch a recruitment test between several service providers to retain only the best. On this platform, the service provider benefits from a simple and intuitive dashboard to better manage its exchanges and payments with its customers. In addition, the site offers a rating system to assess the performance of workers. This allows customers to quickly choose their service provider in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

6- Malt

malt best freelance site france

Formerly called Hopwork, Malt is now one of the most famous platforms in France. As on most of the platforms presented in this article, registration on Malt is completely free. Far from being a classic freelance platform, Malt presents itself simply as a social network. Here, the service provider is called upon to sell his person in order to obtain assignments. Like the LinkedIn social network, Malt allows its users to fill in their profile (surname, first names, photo, skills, aptitudes, recommendations, experiences), to write a presentation text and their daily rate. This application has a search engine that customers can use to find the service provider that meets their needs. It plays the role of trusted third party between the service provider and the customer. In return, it takes a commission of 10% on the costs of the mission.


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