The 3 Best Free Online Photo Editing Tools



A free online photo editing tool is necessary for working on personal or commercial projects. You sometimes encounter certain problems with your visuals. Sometimes a perfect photo can take a little tweaking to look even better, whether it's removing the background from the image or doing some photo editing. Sometimes you may need to quickly correct certain imperfections with photo editing software, for example when you are about to publish a visual according to the publication plan.

1- Where to edit photos online for free? ðŸ˜Ž

Many applications and sites for retouching a photo are available for free on the Internet. Most provide basic editing and retouching capabilities, while others focus on certain features like removing backgrounds, correcting colors, or enlarging photos. You can use a specific app or site, or use more than one if you get better results. 

1. Depositphotos Background Eraser


The free photo editing tool from Depositphotos The Background Eraser from Depositphotos is a smart online tool created to remove the background from an image and get a transparent background. Its AI-based algorithms automatically recognize major objects on a visual, isolate them, and remove the surrounding background. The tool has intuitive navigation and quickly delivers high definition results. You can download the processed photos in medium size for free, or purchase a low-cost background eraser to download them in HD.

 ðŸ‘‰ Here's how to remove the background from an image with Depositphotos' background eraser:
1. Go to the tool's page:
2. Import a visual, a photo to improve. The tool processes JPG, JPEG and PNG formats weighing up to 15 MB.


3. Preview the image after removing the background.

4. Edit if necessary. Two editing brushes are offered, Erase and Restore. You can adjust their size and hardness for more precision.

5. Download the result in PNG format.

2. Photo Montage online with Photopea is a digital image editor that allows you to retouch a photo, offering functions and options similar to those of Adobe Photoshop. It is suitable for basic editing and additional photo retouching. It lets you resize visuals, add color filters, change hue and saturation, erase a background from an image, and change tones and adjust colors, among other things. All of its features are available for both free and paid users. However, the Premium plan also offers an ad-free experience, email support, and 2x more editing history steps.

👉Here's how to edit visuals with Photopea:
1. Open the tool in your browser.
2. Import a visual, a photo. The program supports JPG, PNG, RAW, SVG, PDF, GIF and TIFF formats, as well as file formats of other graphic editors (SD, AI, XCF, Sketch and XD).
3. Edit your image, do your photo editing with available tools and functions.
4. Save the result in PSD, by going to File → Save in PSD. You can also save the result in JPG, PNG or SVG format by clicking on File → Export as….

3. Online photo editing with Pixlr Pixlr is an online graphic editing and photo retouching program that can be used for both adjusting images and creating designs. It is especially handy when you need to use newly edited images for marketing purposes. This tool allows you for example to create posters for social networks, banners, advertisements and other marketing materials and also allows you to erase a background from an image. A free version of Pixlr lets you crop images, add color filters, change brightness, contrast, and saturation, and other settings.

👉Here's how you can edit visuals and photos with Pixlr's editor:
1. Open the program in your favorite browser.
2. Import a visual, a photo. To do this, click Open or Create Image to choose a design template.
3. Edit, it's time to retouch a photo with the tools and functions available.
4. Download photo result in JPG, PNG; Webp or PXZ, or in document format, PDF or PXZ.

 2- 4 Main Reasons to Do Free Online Photo Editing


You don't usually need to turn yourself into a graphic design professional to retouch a photo, make photo montages, remove the background from an image, etc. Free photo editing sites offer special tools that are faster and more affordable. Read on to know the benefits of these free photo editing sites and find out how they work. 
1. Speed: You save time making contact and explaining things to professional graphic designers. This is especially important if photo editing is minor or photo editing work is urgent.
2. Help you save money. You don't have to buy photo editing software or pay a professional. Even if a free photo editing site offers paid features, you can do a lot of basic editing for free.
3. Convenience. Photo editing software installed on a computer takes up memory and is not easily accessible by other devices without prior installation. Free online photo editing sites are accessible from a PC, tablet or even your phone, for your photo montages or to remove the background from an image.
4. They are quick to understand and easy to use.Although offline software is more powerful and extensive, you usually don't need all of its complex options for basic editing, simple photo editing, or just erasing a background from an image, etc. Online tools are easier to learn because they are more minimalistic and only offer the essential functions you need to perfect your images.

 3- In summary

To edit your photos and visuals properly, retouch a photo, remove the background from an image, you don't need experience in graphic design. Online tools offer various options for retouching photos and photomontages, erasing the background of an image or basic color correction. They are easy to use for beginner creators and accessible from all internet-connected electronic devices. Check out the tools and programs presented in this article to choose the option that best suits your needs for free online photo editing.


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