The 7 best platforms to create an e-learning site and online training


 platforms to create an e-learning site and online training

Online training have been on the rise for a few years, especially with the advent of confinement. They have become the new method of learning and teaching. These online courses are similar to those distilled in universities and colleges with the only difference that learners and teachers do not move. Thus, since the expansion of the internet and new technologies, anyone can create, distribute and sell online courses, provided of course they have the skills. Today it is easier to get training via the internet in literature, marketing, science, photography, mathematics, fashion, sport and many others. Do you have any of these skills that you want to pass on? You therefore need to create and share these courses on an e-learning platform.

1- Thinkific

Thinkific create a free online training platform

You don't have coding skills and you also want a quick and easy way to publish your courses online, then Thinkific is the platform for you. It is an all-in-one solution, as it allows you to first create your course content and market it at the same time. With an intuitive interface, this platform has several templates and powerful tools to support you in your course creation process for professionals. It also provides its users with assistance that it supports as needed. In addition, note that this platform can host your website to allow you to publish the courses that you will have to create from its interface.

2- could

Podia free e-learning platform

Podia is a platform that allows its users to sell their training online thanks to its many promotional tools . It has a simple and ergonomic interface that anyone can use. No computer or coding knowledge is required. Podia offers the most advanced features of the moment. They are grouped according to the nature of the project. Thus, thanks to Podia you can easily sell online training, subscriptions, digital productsand online downloads. To facilitate the promotion of works, the platform integrates other functionalities such as emailing, affiliation and the generation of coupons. In addition, to expand the sales possibilities, the platform accepts transactions from several payment methods like PayPal , MasterCard, Stripe and others. Whatever the means of payment used, the transactions are all protected by a data encryption process.

3- LearnBox

LearnBox e-learning platform for training organization

This platform is a real toolbox made available to entrepreneurs wishing to launch their own online training business. LearnBox is a platform entirely in French and therefore you will have no difficulty in appropriating it. This all-in-one site has all the tools you need to create and sell online training. It is a CMS from which you can easily create your own site dedicated exclusively to courses and training. Even when you have no web development skills, you can use this platform, as it offers a variety of themes to create a functional and elegant site or blog.

Moreover, you can create sales funnels, newsletters, organize online conferences , do surveys and even manage your customer relations . It is a complete CMS with several features. As for its subscription offers, you have a free trial period of 14 days. During this period, you can test its features before subscribing to one of its subscriptions.

4- LearnDash


Unlike the other sites on our list, LearnDash is not SaaS software. It is simply a plugin that you can install on your WordPress website. It is therefore an extension dedicated to people with a blog or website and who wish to transform it into a training site or blog. LearnDash is therefore an LMS (Learning Management System) tool thanks to which you can easily manage your courses in the form of a drag and drop editor.

LearnDash therefore makes it possible to create courses, monetize them and ensure the management of the administration of these courses. And that's not all ! Thanks to the LearnDash, you can create a help and support forum for learners, schedule access to courses and award certificates to learners. Finally, it should be noted that from your site or blog, you can offer your learners different types of training as well as offers in the form of product packs.


io system create paid online training

System-io is a simple, intuitive and complete solution you need to create and manage your online training. It is a platform widely accessible to everyone, even those who have no technical knowledge in web development. It allows you to create several forms in a short time. It has better easy-to-use features that save you time in completing secondary tasks. You will benefit from an integrated autoresponder to manage and send your emails.

In addition to helping to create your training content, System-io also helps you monetize it on the Internet. It is a platform that accompanies you throughout your process. In a few words, Systè allows you to quickly create and sell your online training thanks to its many features.

6- Didact


Here is a platform that has the best tools to create interesting courses in minutes. With these tools, you can easily integrate video capsules, PDF files and images into your courses. In addition to allowing you to create your training content, Didacte also helps you distribute it directly from its interface. You can manage registrations, receive payments and organize available places. All these features are completely free, with however an unlimited number of learners against a 10% commission on the turnover.

7- Teachable


If you practice in the creative and artistic field and want to dispense your knowledge, Teachable is the platform for you. It is a CMS that provides you with all the necessary tools to create and disseminate your online training. Thanks to Teachable, you can create customizable websites, invoice your learners, integrate and create courses and training in several formats.

In addition, it is a platform that allows you to better ensure your customer management, because it offers chat tools that can facilitate exchanges with your learners. To facilitate relationships with learners, you have the option of scheduling live discussion sessions with them. Finally, remember that Teachable is an excellent solution for creating unlimited online training from its simple and intuitive interface.


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