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HR management software

The dazzling progress of information and communication technologies is a blessing for our era. Thanks to them, once tedious work tasks are now commendably convenient. The world of human resource management is no exception to the rule thanks to specific software designed for a good cause. However, a hazardous choice of these HR software can be time-consuming and unproductive. Thus, it is important to have knowledge of the best in the field, of this software which is appreciated by all for its competitiveness, its efficiency and its reliability. So what are the best software for HR?


What is HR management software?

A human resources (HR) management software is, in general, defined as an application, a system that promotes the automation of several tasks related to the direction, management and monitoring of the personnel of an organization. There are plenty of them on the web. Moreover, only a few are reliable based on in-depth analysis.


1- Centrifuge

Sentrifugo HR sector

This software was designed with the aim of combining several key activities specific to the Human Resources specialty. The staff of a company or an administration needs a certain number of training courses to be competitive, but an unplanned organization always frustrates the process. Thanks to Sentrifugo you not only have the possibility of scheduling said training, of organizing the payroll system with full efficiency.

In addition, it also promotes administrative management, talent management, the HR intranet. Leading the HR sector with a masterful hand and achieving or even surpassing its objectives with ease is to rely on this software. It is accessible in On-Premise or SaaS mode and is compatible with several information systems. This software is strongly recommended on the market since it carries several bargains unlike those less efficient.


2- Apptivo

Apptivo HR Management

It is a mixed application, both free and paid according to the conditions of membership. Its data storage limit varies from 500 MB to 10 GB depending on the restrictions applied to each process. What makes Apptivo special is that it is a succession of Cloud applications. Therefore, it gives its users free choice when it comes to selecting the properties required by them.

The manager who has opted for its use also has the possibility of guiding his operations in the form of a module, each taken from a specific block. Uplifting, isn't it? On the other hand, it would be wise to notify a small flat as to its specialization. It is full of functions in addition to those specific to HR. This could lead to the absence of certain tools. However, this is a minimal inconvenience compared to her recognized skills. You will certainly come out satisfied with his essay.


3- Ad-men

Ad-men recruitment

Its name indicates it in a veiled way. Ad-men is a popular and lauded drop-off point when it comes to recruiting. As you will have understood, in English, this relates to the addition of men. It is clear that Ad-men is the ideal application for any savvy recruiter. Monitoring of the evolution of a recruitment process, consequent optimization, easy maintenance of reporting tables … this application never ceases to amaze with its prowess.

She combs through resumes and unearths similarities above all. And that's not all ! Supervision of commercial and marketing actions, improvement of invoicing services are one of its innumerable assets. Now make an objective digital human resources management.


4- Teamdeck

Teamdeck human resource management

Are you a fan of time management? Are you fussy and extremely rigorous when it comes to human resources? Teamdeck is definitely what you need. It has a meticulously detailed scheduling mechanism, thorough, more adequate compared to peer software. Creation, customization of schedules , activity management, generalized programming, nothing escapes teamdeck. For example, you can coordinate and follow the projects , the missions on which the employees taken in their individuality work.

Become a human resources manager who honors his missions in all their aspects. The use of this software is free in a majority circle of six managers. The actions and gestures of your staff are conditioned and guided with complete peace of mind. For meticulous managers, it is a management tool to deify. Which is unfortunately not accommodating, if at all, i.e. if you are too partial to relaxed guidelines.


5- Zoho people

In free mode, Zoho people means at least 10 employee profiles created and the prerogative of a minimum of 05 users. It is based on Cloud software which has the generosity of having a version translated into French. It would be improbable to list the services, to him, assigned because of their multitude. With an attractive and inspiring design, the management of the active and rest position of the various employees is optimized and objective. In addition, Zoho is one of the giants of HR software, as evidenced by the traits relating to its importance and its solicitation on the market. This information system is also available in a paid version.


6- Adequasys Sirh

Adequasys Sirh Human Resources Management Information System

This HR tool is a priori intended for companies that impose themselves by their large size. The functions that identify it are those suitable for all forms of professional necessities. It is obvious that it is appreciated by all for its astonishing and technically sharp content. Expense reports, employee training, staff research, administrative tasks leave you perplexed? Think, aware of its virtues, of ADEQUASYS HRIS .

Added to this are intelligent services. That is, the combination of artificial intelligence suitable for use, advanced functions prone to business. Customization is a main quality of this software. You have the option of arranging your guides in such a way as to create programming specific to your business. Keeping a whole cloud application pack for your HR management is cumbersome, when you know that in a few clicks, Adequasys Sirh can condense them into a single block.

7- Talentia Software

Talentia Software

Talentia Software is one of the best HRIS software for managing employee salaries. It can be used by PMS, administrations and large accounts. It offers a global and proactive vision of all the economic data of the said company in order to facilitate analysis, control, anticipation and decision-making thanks to the reliable indicators that it draws up.

8- Beetween


If you need a revolutionary tool to better manage your recruitment processes, you should set your sights on Beetween . Indeed, this software is an excellent recruitment management solution that allows you to dematerialize the entire recruitment process. With it, you will benefit from a wide distribution of your job advertisements. It will also be useful to you in the generation of the employment contract after the actual recruitment. You can personalize this solution in the image of your company, because it is totally modular. Just remember that Beetween is the tool that allows you to communicate directly with candidates and managers by SMS, email or videoconference .

9- Payfit


PayFit is one of the best tools on the market to facilitate leave and absence management, working time tracking, expense reports and onboarding. It is intended for SMEs and can be used to manage human resources and staff payroll. This software will also be useful for calculating social declarations, but also for automating the payslips of all employees. A personal space is made available to each employee from which he can easily consult his payslip, request time off and consult his paid leave. In addition, to facilitate remote management when traveling abroad, the software has a simple and easy-to-use mobile application.

10- Eurécia


Eurécia is an HR management software that works in SaaS mode. It is mainly intended for SMEs and mid-sized companies. It is a software that facilitates the global management of human resources. With this HRIS platform, you can easily ensure personnel administration (expense report, time management, absences, holidays and others) and talent and human capital management (interview, recruitment and training).

The tool can also facilitate the monitoring of the quality of life of employees at work, as it provides a general picture of the level of employee satisfaction. This tool is fully customizable. You can adapt it to your business according to its needs. It is compatible with common solutions such as ERP and accounting. With regard to the security of the company's data, the software proceeds by encrypting all of your data in order to protect it from hackers. Finally, it should be noted that Eurécia backs up all your data on a daily basis.

11- Flatchr

Flatchr free cv analysis software

Flatchr is a SaaS solution made available to recruiters (managers, human resources managers or business leaders). It is suitable for companies with more than 10 employees. It helps the human resources manager to better ensure the recruitment process , but also the management of personnel.

Make the right choice of software according to your interests! You are the best HR manager!


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