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Logistics management software or simply logistics software is an instrument that no company worthy of the name can do without. Indeed, it appears as a tool thanks to which one can better organize and optimize one's supply chain. Logistics software takes into account all the phases, starting with the validation of the order and ending with its delivery to the customer. This means that a single tool is able to manage purchases, but also to take care of the choice of transport providers as well as packing, and that's not all. This same software is still used to manage the warehouse and inventory , as well as to centralize the management of shipping and delivery!

By using logistics management software, you will therefore exercise absolute control over your Supply Chain and have a broad view of it. In addition, such an instrument guarantees that you will improve the operation of your supply chain over time by providing you with reports .

As you will have understood, logistics management software is what you need for better management of flows as well as storage space in your warehouse. It is the essential tool without which it will be impossible for you to limit costs and increase the productivity of your employees. There is a very large number of logistics software. Some are of course more complete and more efficient than others. So what are the best tools you can use for the optimal management of your Supply Chain?

1- CoPilot

CoPilot is software for managing fleets of various sizes. Anyone looking for navigation specific to utility automobiles can use it. It is the ideal tool for both drivers and integrators.

Concretely, CoPilot is a vocal navigation instrument for utility vehicles. It offers detailed directions for each route. By acquiring such a tool, a company will provide its drivers with state-of-the-art navigation with a route that corresponds to the trucks. In this way, efficiency as well as consistency across the fleet will be greatly boosted. It is possible to incorporate CoPilot into a customized structure as it is possible to use a stand-alone program to reinforce your fleet management device.

Remember that this logistics management software is available in a free version and offers a non-paying trial. It can be deployed on both Mac device and mobile with iOS. In addition, CoPilot can be installed on Windows devices as well as on mobiles with Android. It is also possible to deploy it in Cloud, Saas and web. A face-to-face training relates to the tool which also offers extensive documentation and webinars. A permanent support service is also available to its users.

Finally, know that CoPilot provides 3PL management, shipping management, fleet management, supplier management and transport management.

2- Logitude World

Logitude World is a logistics management software designed for freight forwarders. Using this high-performance tool, your SME business will be able to stand comparison with the big players in your sector of activity! Thanks to Logitude World, any freight forwarder has a solution of choice for SaaS freight forwarding. As for the Cloud option of the application, it contains state-of-the-art management functionality to manage the entire transport lifecycle.

Logitude World offers a very easy to use freight forwarding device that consists of different software modules. Furthermore, this device is perfect for working directly on any shipment by launching one of the many predefined queries.

The software is available in a free version and offers a non-paying trial. But there is of course also a paid version from 45 dollars per month. Logitude World can be deployed on both Mac and Windows. It is also compatible with an iOS or Android mobile and can be deployed on Cloud, Saas and web.

Finally, it should be remembered that Logitude World provides import/export management, accounting management, customer management and rate management. The tool is also suitable for international freight forwarders as well as local freight forwarders and the customer portal.

3- GoRamp

We are going to wrap up our review of the best logistics software with GoRampThis tool is intended for medium and large logistics and manufacturing companies. GoRamp is nothing more than a freight order management platform able to centralize live data distribution between all supply chain stakeholders. It was designed to ensure the consistency of purchases and guarantee the rationalization of transport services. The software is also unbeatable when it comes to providing its users with information relating to the status of orders or the management of loading and unloading. GoRamp is still what you need for an optimal management of your documents as well as to set up an excellent virtual communication between you as a shipper and your transport partners.

The software is offered in a free version and offers a non-paying trial. As for its paid version, it is available from 250 dollars per month. It can be deployed in Cloud, Saas and web and provides management of workflows, loading docks as well as tasks.


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