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Human resources management is one of the most difficult tasks to perform within a company. It takes into account the management of payslips as well as the different types of social declarations. For this, you will need to get the best tools that can help you manage this heavy task effectively. For this purpose, payroll software is the best tool you can use. There are several types of payroll software on the market today that are not equal in terms of quality. It is therefore important to know which one to choose to ensure effective management of your payroll.

What is payroll software?

Payroll software combines several functions. Also called payroll management software, it is an online management tool used to set up administrative documents and establish pay slips for your employees. It is also responsible for salary settlements and the distribution of social charges. The payroll software also has your company's balance sheet in which it reports all its actions.

Its main advantage is to help you secure your company's payroll process. The payroll software takes care of doing all the work for you, especially if none of your employees has the necessary skills to draw up payslips. Thus, this software is a valuable asset to minimize errors in the management of the company's payroll.

What are the different types of payroll software?

First of all, it is important that you have an idea of ​​the different types of payroll software that exist. There are two main types of payroll software, namely: stand-alone payroll software and payroll software in Saas mode. Single-user payroll software has the specificity of being installed only on company computers or on servers, while the use of Saas software requires the subscription to a subscription.

Note that Saas Payroll software does not require any updates and has the main advantage of being usable from anywhere. All you have to do with this type of software is to log into its subscription platform in order to view all of its activities. Nevertheless, single-user type payroll software requires regular updates. Even if they are free, they have quite limited features compared to paid software that can still do the trick. You just have to choose the type of software that corresponds to the use you would like to make of it!

What are the free payroll software available on the market?

You will find several types of payroll software on the market today. Although there are some that are paid, others are free and only require a simple download for their use.

1- Oxygen

Oxygen Memsoft Best Free Accounting Software

This type of software has already been on the market for almost 10 years. It now has more than 600,000 downloads to its credit and is very useful for various companies operating in almost all sectors of activity. The main advantage with this type of software is that it can be configured according to the business sector of the company. Likewise, it makes it easier to use.

Oxygène also provides you with the necessary functionalities allowing you to personalize its access. However, this type of software is not only suitable for small businesses and can only manage the payroll of nine employees of the company. For a larger workforce, you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription. Likewise, this type of software does not adapt to all operating systems. It is single installable on Windows. For optimal use of the latter, it is important to follow a few training sessions with the partners of the said software.

2- Izilio

Izilio hr payroll software

Although it is free, Izilio offers several advantages to its users. Unlike Oxygène, this software has the capacity to manage the payroll of nearly 15 employees of a company. The main advantage with this type of software is that it allows you to consult the data processed during the month and passed and if possible to make use of it. It also makes it possible to be precise in the data during the entry, because the latter is equipped with an error detection system.

3- ABZ pays

ABZ pays free payroll software

ABZ supports payroll management for companies with few staff, but is an effective software for small and medium-sized businesses. How this software works varies from industry to industry. In establishing the payroll, ABZ takes into account the days off and the rights of each employee. It also takes into account the different declarations of the employees as well as the calculation of the wage rate corresponding to the overtime worked by each of them.

 The latter has technical assistance capable of responding to the concerns of its users, in particular by e-mail, as well as an easy-to-use interface. The disadvantage with this type of software is that it does not take into account the payroll management of employees belonging to tranche C. In addition, the Windows operating system is not suitable for the use of this type of software.

4- Mega Pay

Mega Pay

Mega pay is part of the free payroll software with full payroll functionalities. It takes into account all the details necessary to do so. These details include public holidays, social obligations, paid vacations, etc. It can be configured for its use. In addition to helping with payroll management, it allows its user to guarantee the authenticity of the information he has on each employee.

 For example, if it is well programmed, it can notify you of contract end dates as well as authorized absences within your company. Note that with this type of software you are not required to build new databases to use it. If you already have your data on other payroll tools, it offers you the possibility of importing them very easily in order to make use of them. 


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