Top 9 Best Free GIS Tools and Software



best free gis tools and software

With the dazzling progress of digital, digital tools have experienced a great boom. The same goes for GIS software and tools. You can find them all over the web. This is not likely to help in choosing a suitable tool for his needs. For some, free is a priority factor. They then want free GIS tools and software. It is therefore necessary to make a choice between the best tools; which are included in this list.


QGIS GIS software

Looking for a handy GIS tool, one thing that can coordinate all your spatial data, able to tell you the movements of the world, then go for this one. QGIS was born in 2002. It became a reference already in 2009-2010. It's a bit complicated as software for beginners. It will be necessary if you put yourself in the dance to seek the supervision of a professional. The quality of service provided is beyond frustration. You find, read, inspect, analyze, deduce and correct your views of the world. It can be used whether in the media, in politics, in health or in any field.

2- Topocad

Topocad geographic information systems software

With this free software, you have an opening on several data from different topography platforms . This means that you don't just have the sole source of software designers. Apart from this parameter, the interface is ready for use as soon as the installation is done. In short, this GIS software is above all an editor and an informant. The most up-to-date geographical data is at your fingertips. In addition, you can make the changes that suit you. Since it is linked to the various stations, the Topocad interface presents reliable elements resulting from the crossing of sources. If you want to export statistics , almost all formats are available.



DIVA-GIS efficiently contributes to improving the interaction between people. It not only processes information related to mapping globally, but also data from the relationships between people and the impact of their decisions. This tool compatible with Windows devices is complex to use. It is therefore necessary to rely on the opinion of an expert for a more objective reading. It is therefore advisable to use it to find out what the future could be in certain given fields, taking into account variations, mutations and displacements. A notice is available for the crack who wants to try it.

4- Google Earth

best alternatives to google earth

Above all, Google remains essential in the field of geography and related data. This means that with technological advances, this digital giant has links with stations and sources of physical notoriety. These allow him to have information as recent as possible. Thus, Google earth , one of their tools offers the globe to its user with all the required details. This software connects its users so that they take the opportunity to rectify errors. They can create their map and modify it as they wish. The simple interface is summarized in a few menu items. For a digital lover, Google Earthis a godsend for data creation and personal database management.

5- DLGV32 Pro

DLGV32 Pro

Usable on Linux, Windows and MacOS, this other tool from Google meets all expectations. DLGV32 Pro represents a lite version of Google Mapper. All the options available on the parent application have been maintained. Users can then fall back on it in case they do not want to spend a lot for the same thing. The only shadows in the picture are related to the obligation to find an external recording source. The map cannot support updates. Another thing, the files only open according to a fixed limit.

6- Land tenure

Landserf GIS software

The Landserf is the GIS tool on this list that includes archaeological results in its data with precision. It assesses space like any other and follows movements. Depending on whether there is a stir or not, it engages updates. If some data is not well formulated or well illustrated, you will have to rectify it. The tool adapts to Linux, Windows, Unix and others. This means that the devices on which you can use it are varied. For viewing, the image format is chosen. You might prefer a satellite view over a 3D view, read vegetation, track heat waves. The software is equipped with a surface for analyzing and commenting information. You will then easily read the problems and know how to remedy them.

7- SaveGIS

SavGIS geographic information systems software

All software to date has the same features. However, experts find that this one is far more efficient than the others. This means that it allows for impeccable operations. First, SavGIS supports display by images. It also manages data from various sources. Then it is simple. Even a beginner can use it. He just needs to master the use of a computer or a tablet. Finally, the data is reliable. Not everyone has the ability to enter data there. Depending on the degree of modification, limits are imposed. So you can trust him to give you good information and on time.



The program is worthy of use in the environment of the army where rigor is required. This testifies to its efficiency and rigor. We learn from it information given by all available sources in the world. These all converge on a base supported and supplied by satellites, geographers, adventurers, missionaries and others. We draw logical conclusions based on proven facts. It should be remembered that MICRODEM also uses the sources of other reference applications in the study of space. The analyzes are therefore trustworthy. If doubts arise during use, just search in the search engine at hand.

9- Luciad

Luciad SIG

Graphs, charts, figures and other data are available in Luciad . This free tool is validly used by major agencies and professional companies. At first glance, there is the ability to track data and save it for viewing by other users. Next, you have to study the analysis data. Some are easier to operate while for others the eyes of experts are to be solicited. Interpretations will have to be made. Finally, the software is customizable. The interface can change according to your tastes. The data is displayed according to your choices. The offers are presented according to your needs.

Most GIS software is linked to the same major stations and sources. However, choosing the one that suits your needs is more judicious.


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