Voice Recognition: Top 5 Best Voice Dictation Software

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For some time now, many people have been using voice recognition or dictation software to write faster and save time. These tools allow you to remedy your slowness on the keyboard and produce texts more quickly. There are a large number of voice dictation software as interesting as each other. Here is a selection of the best voice recognition software compiled for you.


DRAGON HOME 15 voice dictation app

The Dragon Home 15 is a handy and highly efficient voice recognition and dictation software. It is an ideal solution if you want to speed up your text writing . It has a large number of features and has excellent straightness and reliability. It has the advantage of being compatible with a large number of platforms such as Windows, 8, 10 including browsers like Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

With Dragon Home 15, you not only have the ability to turn your voice into written text, but also have access to voice commands that allow you to control many other text-based software. Thus, you can easily control software like Microsoft Word and others. You can also go online and grab written content through a website. It is also possible to create voice-activated shortcuts for tasks that you perform frequently.

Dragon Home 15 software is more than just a voice recognition tool. It is very complete and even allows you to perform many other tasks on your computer. Just use voice commands and talk to get the activities running. It is very easy to install and has a very simple grip.



Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13 is a speech recognition software that is ideal for professionals, individuals as well as small and medium businesses. With this type of software, it is easier to write text documents, to send emails more quickly by asking your voice. It allows you to save more time and to devote yourself more quickly to other activities of the company.

In addition to being very effective, it is compatible with a large number of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This gives you a wider possibility of use. Beyond that, Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13 also makes it easier for you to use email services such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, as well as web search services.

With this software, you can perform many other tasks such as automatically managing spellings, modifying or defining the font and size and even changing the color and writing style of texts. For its proper functioning, the software exploits the built-in microphone system of the computers. Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13 has many advantages. It has very few spelling mistakes and saves a large amount of time when writing. A headset microphone is also included in the package.


Dragon Professional Individual software 15 reviews

Dragon Professional Individual 15 is state-of-the-art voice dictation software. It has a wide range of features with very high precision. It adapts very quickly as you use it. Indeed, the more you use this tool, the more the software gets used to your vocal expressions as well as to the words you use. So it appropriates more quickly the new words you use as well as your accent, which increases its ability to function. Its basic accuracy is very high, which allows anyone using it to increase their performance more quickly.

The functions of this software are very advanced. It is more accurate, more convenient and more efficient. It offers features that go beyond simple voice recognition, which makes it very complete. It offers voice commands that allow you to have better control over your computer. You can then run many programs and navigate web platforms with ease. With this type of software, you can easily dictate your texts on the platforms of your choice for a satisfactory result.

Dragon Professional Individual 15 has some great features that give you the opportunity to generate signatures for your email messages. You can use them to send your emails and other miscellaneous messages. The software also has a function that allows you to transcribe a video clip or podcast into a text message. It is very suitable for business professionals.


MediaSpeech voice transcription software

MediaSpeech is a very high quality voice recognition software that allows you to transcribe all your conversations into text messages with incredible efficiency. You also have the option of archiving your various searches and being able to define the words you want to use in your text. The software supports several languages ​​and is able to very easily transcribe the voice messages of these different languages.

It is very efficient and guarantees a fairly interesting transcription result with very few spelling mistakes. It does not take into account either the accent or the type of voice of the interlocutor but simply transforms the voice message into text.

It has a very easy handling and also offers a free trial possibility for a few hours. You can thus appreciate the results before making your decision. There is a mobile version for smartphones.


Dictation.oi free voice recognition software

Dictation.oi is a voice recognition software that allows you to transcribe your voice messages directly on an online platform. Thanks to its very advanced functions, it systematically transcribes everything you say with incredible speed and interesting efficiency. For this software to work perfectly, all you need is a perfect connection. Once the software is launched, you can start your dictation.

No matter how fast you dictate, the software transcribes consistently. Even if some spelling errors appear, however, you can go back over your text and review the errors and formatting. It has the ability to support about ten languages. Once your text is ready, you can save it to a location of your choice on your PC. The software is also available in a mobile version. It is very practical and very easy to use.

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